62 Best Survival Affiliate Programs in 2024

Check out our list of the 62 best Survival affiliate programs in 2024. Find commission rate and details on how to join and increase your affiliate revenue.

NameDescriptionCommission rateCookie durationAffiliate Link
Gander Outdoors sells, outdoor, hunting, fishing, and survival goods. They also have RVs for you to pack it all into.5% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Imalent is a leading flashlight company. It's expert engineering team has masters of EDC and heavy-use flashlights.10% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Leatherman is an American brand for multitools and knives. They are committed to bringing the best multipurpose products.5% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Bass Pro Shops isn’t just a fishing store. They also sell hunting, boating, shooting, and camping gear. Get 5% commission.5% Per Sale14 DaysVisit
Bushcraftshop is the number one in the sale of more than 5,000 types of products for staying and camping in nature.7% Per Sale21 DaysVisit
Top-armyshop sells comprise military, security, outdoor, and camping equipment, clothes and footwear, gear, self-defense tools, and more.7% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Joolca AU is an Australian family-owned company that sells the complete portable hot water system for off-grid use.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
GRAYL empowers travelers and adventurers with water purifiers that drive self-sufficiency and safe passage anywhere on earth.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Naturehike is a professional outdoor product brand. They sell tents, sleeping bags, camping tables and chairs, and other outdoor products.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Beyond builds cold weather gear and survival clothing systems designed to keep you thriving in the world's wildest places.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Acebeam is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling high-end, illumination products to everyone.5% and 12.1% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Tactical Closeout sells a wide selection of sports goods, tactical and military gear, hunting gear, professional-grade products, and eyewear.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Bestargot produces innovative titanium outdoor products of the highest grade for adventurers and outdoorsmen.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
The Sportsman’s Guide has a reputation for being a leading supplier of army surplus, but they also have a range of outdoor sporting goods.2% - 5% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Survival food comes in all shapes and sizes and it can be hard to know where to begin. Legacy Food Storage is all about emergency prep.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Optics Planet sells a full range of sports optics and a complete range of survival gear. Find binoculars, gun parts, crossbows, and more!5% Per Sale14 DaysVisit
Wise Food Storage is a top provider of high quality, gourmet freeze-dried food, and food storage for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.12% Per Sale120 DaysVisit
Mountain House sells roughly 70% of all backpacking meals sold in North America. Their meals have at least a 12+ years taste guarantee.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Lynq is the People Compass, pointing you in the direction and distance to the people that are important to you.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Goal Zero manufactures portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns, and a full range of accessories.5% Per Sale14 DaysVisit
They strive to provide quality equipment, accessories, and station resources to the amateur radio community. They also have HAM radios.UnknownUnknownVisit
Ready Project has been a leader in Emergency Food Manufacturing and distribution, dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Emergency Essentials’ goal is to help people prepare for the unexpected. They provide customers with up to date info and recommendations.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Survivalcavefood.com supplies storable foods, survival tools, and information regarding preparedness and survival.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Victorinox UK produces and sells unique and high-quality products worldwide which are of practical use for everyday's adventures.6% - 12% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Survivor Filter offers you the best emergency water filter systems for your Bug-Out-Bag and the outdoors on the market today.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
With SecureIt, find gun storage from portable gun safes and ammo cabinets to a “gun wall” suitable for fitting inside a static weapons vault.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Hooyman provides innovative Tree Saws, Pole Saws, Rakes, Shovels, and Land Management Tools built to preserve our hunting heritage.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Concealment Express manufactures handmade, inside-the-waistband KYDEX holsters. They offer quality, comfort, and longevity.12.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Schrade knives have passed the test of time. They create knives that are worthy of passing down from generation to generation.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
WESN GOODS is a premium Everyday Carry brand, offering knives and goods that are crafted from high-end steel.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Pitbull Tactical, LLC. sells Universal Mag Carrier fits all mags from 9mm to 45acp, single or double stack with no adjustments needed.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Battle Steel is one of the Premier Armor Suppliers for the US Military, Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Private Citizens.2% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Premier Body Armor manufactures and sells bulletproof backpack armor panels that are TSA Approved and USA-made.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
LA Police Gear is your one-stop shop for all of your police, military, camping, hunting, and survival needs.7% Per Sale15 DaysVisit
Old Timer created a knife built with durability in mind but also a tool that was comfortable enough to work with day after day.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Tipton is a firearm cleaning and maintenance brand, providing a wide array of high-quality, expert-designed maintenance solutions.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
American Buffalo Knife and Tool offers quality pocket knives & cutlery made for hunting, fishing, farming, and every-day-carry.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
PepperBall self-defense solutions are powerful non-lethal tools which means you do not have to worry about taking a life while saving a life.10% - 15% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
ReadyWise INC. Foods take an innovative approach to providing dependable, simple, and affordable Ready-Made Food Storage Meals.10% Per Sale120 DaysVisit
Treedom is the first online platform in the world where you can have someone plant a tree for you and then follow it online.Unknown30 DaysVisit
Ecologi is a monthly subscription service to help you lower your impact on the climate for the cost of a coffee and croissant.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Best known for their backpacks, 3V Gear has a range of products suitable for bugging out or just going for a hike at the weekend.8% - 14% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
American Family Safety sells emergency products such as first-aid kits, safety kits, and more to help families be prepared for any disaster.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
1800Prepare.com provides peace of mind with their survival education and products. They have a large selection of kits.10% Per Sale120 DaysVisit
Keyport combines technology, convenience, and style to redefine the way in which you carry your most frequently used personal items.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Ace Link Armor offers American-made products such as bulletproof vests, helmets, and armor plates for civilians and law enforcement officers.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Darley is a leading provider of disaster response, firefighting equipment, rescue gear, tools, and emergency supplies.3% - 8% Per SaleUnknownVisit
The Survival Summit is the preeminent producer of instructional survival films, providing skills people need to stay safe and thrive in any environment.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Wren helps you live carbon neutral by accounting for and offsetting your carbon emissions through transparent climate projects.40% Per Sale15 DaysVisit
Judy is a collection of ready-kits with everything needed to prepare for natural disasters and home emergencies.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
foxbc specializes in premium quality woodworking cutting replacement planer blades, jointer knives, and woodworking accessories.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
HardLand is a tactical clothing brand from US, offering quality and very satisfying products at a very competitive prices.15% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
Survival Frog started out selling books and CDs before swapping over to supplying their own range of preparedness products.12% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Run by military veterans, Titan Survival sells a range of other survival products including emergency blankets, fire-starters, and more.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Crate Club is a subscription box service. Each “crate” is chock full of tactical tools and gear of mil-spec quality.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Vivos offers a range of luxury underground bunker communities where you can get your own private apartment or condo.10% Per SaleLifetimeVisit
Find high quality food storage. All of their products are made in house and have some of the longest-lasting shelf lives on the market.14% Per Sale120 DaysVisit
VSSL transformed the traditional flashlight into a versatile utility tool by creating extra space for gear and supplies.10% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
10% - 14% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
More Prepared knows the necessity of survival kits and emergency kits in case you face disaster. They aim to help others to keep safe.UnknownUnknownVisit
StatGear manufactures and supplies the EDC and survival gear such as emergency preparedness kits, first aid kit, disaster kit, and more.15% Per Sale60 DaysVisit