145 Best Medical Affiliate Programs in 2024

Check out our list of the 145 best Medical affiliate programs in 2024. Find commission rate and details on how to join and increase your affiliate revenue.

NameDescriptionCommission rateCookie durationAffiliate Link
Medical alert systems have affiliate programs? Yes, they do, and Medical Alert is one of the more popular (and profitable) of them.$150 Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Lloyds Pharmacy offers everything you might need, from prescription medication to healthcare, skincare, and mother and baby products.6% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Kinder Karex is a fluoride-free children's toothpaste with the benefits of BioHAP (hydroxyapatite) that gently cleans the teeth.5% Per SaleUnknownVisit
MASKC is the union of fashion and function, the ultimate stylish disposable mask created to keep you safe without compromising style.15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
MedExpress UK saves you the hassle of having to sit around in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen by providing online consulation.0.12514 DaysVisit
Snow® is a leader in developing oral cosmetics and teeth whitening products beautifully designed to deliver results worth smiling about.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
DS Laboratories is on a radical mission to change the personal care landscape by creating technology-focused products for body and hair.12% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
VitaMedica utilizes nutraceuticals, combinations of vitamins and minerals to provide support for surgery, healing, and age management.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
SAMTONE is a professional and reliable manufacturer of quality KN95 Mask and other products located in Shenzhen China.40% Per SaleUnknownVisit
With eLearners, find online undergraduate degrees and graduate degree programs that offer needed flexibility.UnknownUnknownVisit
Elite provides continuing education for Nurses, Social Workers, OTs, PTs, Dentists, Massage Therapists, & other licensed professionals.15% to 20% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Aiden Health provides trusted medical supplies and protection and hygiene essentials to keep life and businesses moving forward.10% and 15% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Alger Inc manufactures and sells the AlgerLight with LED. It is a remotely controlled operating light most often used in the dental field.10% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Wholesale For Everyone works within the far-reaching network of wholesalers and manufacturers to offer wholesale prices to all our customers.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Diabetic Warehouse sells and carries a wide selection of brand name diabetic supplies at the lowest prices around.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
The American Health Care Academy offers nationally-accepted and easy-to-understand online CPR and First Aid certification.15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Omron Healthcare develops and manufactures health equipment for home and medical use, health management software, and promotional services,2% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Hearing Aid Accessories is one of the UK’s leading hearing aid accessories suppliers and is now expanding into the international market.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
HearingDirect is an online retailer, offering high-quality hearing aids at exceptionally low prices and online quick and easy hearing checks.4% and 8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
CallToU provides professional industry system solutions, such as medical alarm systems, including practical and affordable digital products.20% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
23andMe is a personal genetic service that helps you understand what your 23 pairs of chromosomes say about your health, traits and ancestry.0% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Brookwood Medical is an authorized provider of Personal Protection Equipment to hospitals, government agencies, and private businesses.5% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
The National Academy of Sports Medicine is aimed at people who are already physically fit and want to coach others.$25 Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Pharmacy Online was the first online pharmacy of its kind in Australia. They are regulated by the Pharmacy Council of New South Wales.4% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Find thousands of travel-size products including medications, toiletries, single-serving snacks, and other essentials!6% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Gifts offer curated just for healthcare, front-line, and other essential heroes as a way to make it easy for you to thank them.10% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
Nurx is a company dedicated to making sure that women can get access to the birth control products they need and at prices they can afford.$20 Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Health IQ uses data gathered from millions of health-conscious people to help them save on Life Insurance. Be healthy and be rewarded.$150 Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Everlywell is a health-testing company that makes lab testing easy and convenient with the at-home collection and digital results in days.12% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Honeywell PPE is a technology and manufacturer company and a leading provider of high-quality personal protective equipment.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
HealthTap uses technology to deliver top-quality virtual care that patients love and doctors enjoy providing.$10 Per Sale30 DaysVisit
myLAB Box is the first national at-home testing-to-treatment platform - sexual health, fertility, wellness, nutrition, cancer & more.20% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Armbrust USA offers medical-grade, surgical, and N95 masks designed, developed, and produced end-to-end in America (Austin, TX).10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
WebDoctors.com is an online medical provider that treats minor medical ailments via the internet or smartphone.$10 Per Order45 DaysVisit
HealthLabs.com, a direct-to-consumer testing option that allows people to take control of their health by ordering affordable lab tests online.30% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
MyMedic is a First Aid Simple Medical Professionals and Veterans building the world's best First Aid Kits for Home, Travel, and Outdoors.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
AirPop is the world’s first Air Wearables company that harnesses filtration technology to build high-performance products.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Personalabs provides the largest range of high-quality medical testing and telehealth serices currently available.10% - 13% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Medex Supply can provide your facility with all the medical equipment necessary to ensure a healthy, safe, and sterile environment.6% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Testclear is an industry leader in drug testing solutions, selling only proven solutions to help individuals pass drug tests worldwide.12% Per Sale120 DaysVisit
AvaCare Medical is one of the nation’s largest online providers and manufacturers of medical supplies and equipment.5% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Kinsa Inc. is a health technology and early warning system company to help detect and respond to contagious illnesses.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Unizdrav is an online store containing more than 3,000 products of medical devices, medical footwear, additional assortment, and much more.4% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Optimale Ltd offers fast, convenient diagnosis & testosterone replacement therapy from the comfort of your home.8% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Project Screen provides lateral flow test kits and PCR testing solutions for individuals and businesses, at home or via a test pod.7% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
If you're wiling to promote it, STDcheck.com's tests are FDA approved, and people can book their test online before attending a test center.40% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
NewSmile is a direct-to-consumer teeth-straightening solution that costs up to 75% less than other traditional braces.6% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Medicspot operates from within pharmacy consulting rooms, allowing instant and on-demand GP consultations.8% - 12% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Wellness 4 Humanity is a leading provider of USA-based At Home Covid testing kits including; AT HOME SALIVA RT-PCR TEST & Bundles.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Masviva is your online medical supply store, offering a large selection of auxiliaries for elderly people, health, wellness, home care, training and more.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Stix offers doctor-approved pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, UTI products, and yeast infection products, discreetly delivered to you.5% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Calibrate is a metabolic reset that addresses the root of weight issues with a modern, medical approach by one-on-one coaching.11% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
Vue Shield comes in men’s and women’s styles, clear versions, and all have anti-fog coatings to minimize the impact of climate conditions.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
SchoolMaskPack is the official licensed Crayola™ Daily Reusable Cloth Masks for kids, parents, and teachers.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Medigance offers international patients dentistry, hair transplant, and eye surgery options. They also provide free tourist guide services.50% Per ReferralUnknownVisit
Diabetes Solution Kit is a digital guide published by Barton Publishing. offers content created to educate, to take control of their health.75% Per Sale1 DayVisit
Priority STD Testing is a national lab testing service offering FDA approved STD testing with over 4,000 labs.30% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
CleanBoss is a new brand of cleaning, sanitization, and virus protection products designed to help clean, enhance and beautify.6% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Total Diabetes Supply is an experienced and trusted diabetes equipment supplier, with an extensive selection of name-brand products.6% to 8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Intus Healthcare has specialized in Sleep Disordered Breathing / Obstruction Sleep Apnoea and CPAP therapy.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Revitive is designed to stimulate the muscles in your legs to improve your general circulation, aiding various medical conditions.5% - 12.5% Per SaleUnknownVisit
JQ-Energyhub.com is an online shop for oxygen concentrators. They offer an affordable and high-quality oxygen concentrator and accessories.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
LUXATO HEARING offers the best hearing aids online, FDA-approved, affordable, virtually invisible, comfortable, and rechargeable hearing.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
The Inner Talk programs have been double-blind tested to prove they’re the most effective subliminal messaging programs available today.20% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Trusted PPE manufactures high-quality masks for medical and healthcare safety when they need protection the most.7% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
AUIM Labs is a superior health indicator because it is completely non-invasive and able to test lab work on patients remotely.16% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Notch is the personal health metrics company that empowers you to optimize your health through simplified, at-home testing and screening.12% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
CanMed Supply offers made-in-Canada masks and disinfectant wipes as well as many other products to help stay protected during these times.8% Per SaleUnknownVisit
N95 Medical Supplies is one of the world's best resources for personal protective equipment, providing the lowest-priced medical supplies.20% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
SQ Medical Supplies is one of North America’s premier and high-quality medical device and supply manufacturers.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Protectly sells high quality PPE supplies direct to consumer. They have US made and imported N95s, KN95s, surgical masks and other supplies.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Mask Market is the first PPE equipment website that allows you to design your own Face mask, multiple Gaiter, and Protective Face Covers.13% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Green Shield is a producer of reusable consumer-grade preventive masks that follow all international standards.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
HealthBanks is the leading US-based company that offers newborn stem cell and adult immune cell banking services.8% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Seattle PPE is a Seattle-based company focused on selling high-quality masks and other PPE products in the US.12% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Inside Consumer Brands is the fastest growing industry in Pharma-Grade health products that are Made In America.25% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Nursesimple is a care management company with a mission to support both complex and routine health and wellness concerns.15% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Mask Makers PPE is a US-based personal protection supplier offering FDA-approved PPE for businesses and everyday use.15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Base Laboratories is an integrated over-the-counter brand offering high-quality topical creams for medical and aesthetic skin conditions.15% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
DMB Supply is a local distributor of FDA registered face masks, ideal for everyday use and for use in medical facilities.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Byte helps you look better, feel better, and do better. It's #1 in customer service and home to the exclusive Hyperbyte technology.$45 Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Canopus Group is your online hardware store, offering a wide range of premium, affordable durable consumer products, and accessories.10% - 15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
ProLine Medical is the supplier of quality infection control consumables and services to the Australian and New Zealand healthcare sector.Earn up to 10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
conceptar.com is a UK-designed face mask, selling är brand protective face masks. that serves as a great accessory too.5% to 10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Rehab Store is a premium online retailer in health care products and home medical supplies for orthopedics, hot & cold therapy, and more.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
With BookRetreats, discover the best handpicked yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Change the way you go on vacation!4% - 6% Per Sale3 MonthsVisit
Face Masks Now is the source for affordable, high-quality cloth face masks, providing the an essential item in a variety of shapes and styles.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Hotodeal offers products that include disposable masks, kn95 masks, blood pressure measuring instruments and non-contact thermometers, etc.20% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
ECO Airmask offers a wide range of Reusable Multi-layered Filtration designed for safety, fashion, and comfort.14% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Rapid Medical develops safe and effective neurovascular medical devices that are beneficial to patients and meet physicians' needs.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Labwork365 offers the conveniences of bringing the lab to you with an option to choose from 3000 labs nationwide to provide specimens.8% - 12% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Cradle's revolutionary new self-sterilizing ViralOff mask sets a new standard for protection in the battle against Covid.25% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Max Care Hc supplies face masks & medical supplies in the fastest turnaround possible and for much lower than the market price.5% Per SaleUnknownVisit
OberHealth specializes in the injury recovery process with a unique selection of affordable, medical-grade supports, braces, and more.15% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
CTG Inc, Is a leading global PPE distributor to help supply individuals or businesses with all the PPE equipment needed.7% Per SaleUnknownVisit
arfacemask.com is selling protective face masks, which are designed and made in the EU, providing you the best possible protection.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
SecurePharmaOnline has a simple mission: to provide their customers with a way to buy safe, cost-effective medication from a trusted source.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
PURIFY US provides innovative hand, body, surface & fabric sanitizers from deadly viruses, bacteria, & other germs.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Easy Healthcare Corporation provides user-friendly professional grade healthcare products for regular consumers to use at home.12% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Viking Man is dedicated to Men's health and wellness and provides discreet online healthcare from licensed physicians.12% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
The KN95 Mask is certified, genuine and made in accordance with industry standards, for both medical and personal use.1% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Help Your Diabetes provides a natural diabetes treatment, non-drug approach to helping people with metabolic and nutritional imbalances.10% Per Sale15 DaysVisit
Dr. Felix - UK helps patients get the treatment they need quickly, and discreetly, without having to see a doctor face to face.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Singular Sleep is a virtual sleep clinic that offers home sleep apnea tests, online consultations with a board-certified sleep doctor.$50 Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Blue Bear Protection offers face masks, PPE for adults and kids, providing high-quality products, so that everyone can afford to feel safe.15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Pacamask sells face mask with over 30 designs and double anti-bacterial layer with Silver Ion technology kills 99% of bacteria.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Connecticut Biotech manufactures Secure Fit mask frames, developed by scientists at the University of Connecticut.UnknownUnknownVisit
Posture Pump® offers relief for sufferers of neck pain, back pain, headaches & stiffness, manufacturing Posture Pump® Disc Hydrator® products.8% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
PostMyMeds Pharmacy is an online pharmacy based in the UK to get you rapid access to high-quality treatments.Unknown30 DaysVisit
Verisana Lab specializes in hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, and all peripheral diseases that can make bodies unbalanced.UnknownUnknownVisit
TempraMed creates easy-to-use, hassle-free solutions that save patients' lives and protect them from damaged medications.20% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Accurate Labs offers FDA approved Hand Sanitizer that can boast 99.9% effectiveness against viruses including COVID-19.16% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Hope Health Supply is delivering the highest-quality health supplies from certified manufacturers on the market.21% Per Sale14 DaysVisit
Zidac Laboratories is a fast-growing online retailer & manufacturer of high-quality personal care products.8% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
Ben’s Natural Health creates high-quality supplements and educational materials that address typical health problems for aging men.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Make A Mom offers a unique opportunity and products that can optimize women's chance of getting pregnant fast.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Gennev is an online clinic for women in menopause, offering telemedicine appointments, supplements for energy, mood, joint pain and sleep.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
HealthyMale offers the highest level of quality and exclusive Rx and OTC medications specific to male lifestyle health issues.5% to 50% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Honest PPE Supply provides the world with accessible and affordable personal protective equipment shipped quickly straight to their door.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Space Masks offers ultra-premium, reusable, breathable, and they're made of anti-droplet antibacterial nanotech materials.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
LivFresh offers Dental Gel that has been clinically proven to clean teeth 250% better than a leading toothpaste that is safe for all ages.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
The National Drug Card allows people who can least afford to be without medication to get access to what they need at prices they can afford.$2.50 Per SaleUnknownVisit
YouDrugstore has been helping people in the United States save money on their medication since 2012. North American shoppers can save up to 90%.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Your Sexual Health is a private sexual health testing provider offering a wide range of discreet and confidential STD tests.9% Per Sale21 DaysVisit
Bona Fide Masks is the largest authorized distributor of Powecom products and a trusted source for FDA Authorized KN95 face masks.7% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Fortes Health supplies the healthcare industry and individuals everywhere with the tools they need to take charge of their wellness.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
ViroMasks are reusable facemasks tested on the actual SARS-CoV-2 Viruses. It has a patent-pending design which gives more ease for breathing.UnknownUnknownVisit
Sunrise surgical supplies offer surgical equipment and home care medical supplies like wheelchairs, hospital beds, rollator chairs, and more.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Life Line Screening provides preventive health screening. They offer 15 different health checks, covering from heart disease to cancer.$20 Per Sale60 DaysVisit
HealAHeel offers the best way and product to heal dry cracked heels with their patent-pending moisturizing Heal Cup™.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Claire Med is a ersonal Health Care Products Importer and Retailer, providing masks and hand sanitizer, and rRT-PCR test kits.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Microspear Solutions provides disinfecting and antimicrobial services and products to businesses, protecting against COVID-19.10% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
Muhdo offering DNA health profiling looking at 1000 genetic areas, providing data and recommendations on 5 core health areas.2.5% - 10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Medihill is a MedicalAlert and Telehealth firm offering emergency response and cloud-based monitoring services nationwide.$100 Per SaleUnknownVisit
Medicare Plans Enrollment offers Medicare-eligible people access to plans that have additional benefits with 62.6 million people enrolled.$3 Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Living DNA is a personal DNA service, designed to help people understand more about themselves and where they come from in detail.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
FamilyTreeDNA specializes in DNA testing and ancestry services, offering a full suite of DNA tests for beginner to expert genealogists.4% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
PlusDental UK is a health-tech company specializing in orthodontic treatment using state-of-the-art invisible aligners.£10 Per Lead30 DaysVisit
Medjet Preferred is the Top Rated Air Medical Transport and Travel Security Membership Program for travelers.5% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
SmilePath offers people across Australia, the United States & Canada a fantastic solution to help them get their smiles and confidence back.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
scarology system was designed to treat all scar types - new, old, or stretch marks, made from scientifically proven ingredients.15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Oxford Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy and private doctor consultation service providing a safe way of acquiring prescriptions.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Medical Scrubs Collection is a leading online nursing uniform store servicing medical professionals in all their scrub uniform needs.6% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
HealthSapiens is the leading provider of remote doctors and telehealth counseling for individuals and businesses.$25 Per Sale60 DaysVisit
MediTac kits is designed to meet the needs of technicians, the military, professionals, and civilians looking to treat and stabilize injuries.6% Per Sale30 DaysVisit