71 Best Hygiene Affiliate Programs in 2024

Check out our list of the 71 best Hygiene affiliate programs in 2024. Find commission rate and details on how to join and increase your affiliate revenue.

NameDescriptionCommission rateCookie durationAffiliate Link
Public Goods is a one-stop-shop for sustainable, high-quality, and affordable products that are good for people, and the planet.9.42% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Cheeky is a Brooklyn-based cocktail mixer company, producing a line of shelf-stable juices and syrup perfectly formulated for unlimited creations.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Philips delivers meaningful innovations in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, and Lighting that improve people’s lives.4% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Georganics aims to produce natural, sustainable, and innovative oral care products which are accessible to everyone.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
America’s leading retailer of vitamins, supplements, and everything else for good health and nutrition. The Vitamin Shoppe aims to never disappoint!9% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Young Living provides everything essential oil-related. They have a massive selection of essential oils, blends, massage oils, and more.4% - 24% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Harklinikken started as a hair clinic founded in Denmark and is dedicated to helping people achieve their hair’s full potential.3% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Spotlight Oral Care is an innovative oral care brand, containing clinically proven ingredients that are safe, and effective.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Lee Stafford offers an award-winning haircare that helps you create effortless, wearable hair that makes you look and feel confident.6% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Miracle offers premium home essentials like bedding, towels, sheets, & more, all made with pure, natural silver that kills bacteria.10% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Lume is the first ever Whole Body Deodorant for pits, feet and privates, outrageously effective and clinically proven to control BO.15% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Snow® is a leader in developing oral cosmetics and teeth whitening products beautifully designed to deliver results worth smiling about.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Shaver Shop is Australia's LEADING retailer specializing in all aspects of male and female hair removal and personal care products.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Duke Cannon Supply Co. makes superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men.5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Liberex is a brand committed to promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle with innovative personal care products.10% - 20% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Primally Pure offers 100% natural and non-toxic skincare products with fewer ingredients, but with superior results.7% Per SaleUnknownVisit
VMD-drogerie offers a wide range of perfumery, decorative, skin and hair cosmetics, paints, varnishes, thinners, and technical chemistry.3.50% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Sukin is committed to creating affordable, natural, effective and environmentally sustainable skin care products.6% - 8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Centros Unicos are the leaders in Laser Hair Removal, Advanced Aesthetics, and Aesthetic Medicine, providing you with the best price.$2.68 Per Order45 DaysVisit
Gillette is an American brand of safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies and other grooming products.$0.85 Per Sale45 DaysVisit
Avon Cosmetics is the company that for over a century has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism, and, above all, for women.Up to 15% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Scentsational offers fabulous fragrances and a great range of cosmetics and skincare products at massively discounted prices.4% - 5% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Fresh is a beauty store showcasing a wide-range and of well-curated beauty products from skincare, fragrance, nail care, and hair care.7% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Lab to Beauty elevates the plant-based beauty experience with CBD-infused, spa-grade rituals for your face, body, and hair.20% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
The Well Store is a source of Natural and Organic, toxic free products that are also Cruelty Free, Fair Trade, Sustainable and Vegan.7% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Lather creates top quality products for the body, face, hair and home, formulated with zero synthetic fragrance and premium plant-based ingredients.10% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Prep U Products created all-natural body care, grooming & hygiene products to help even the stinkiest of guys stay fresh and clean.7% - 11% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Hush & Hush offers clean nutraceuticals and beauty supplements that boost energy, grow hair, and reduce stress for great sleep.20% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Body & Earth is a leading bath & body brand with top-selling bath products that are exciting, innovative, and always on-trend.20% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
EVERY MAN JACK is a Men's Care Clean Brand using naturally derived and plant-based ingredients as possible while delivering exceptional performance.8% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Orlando Pita Play® provides the ultimate protection resulting in hair that looks and feels shiny and healthy-looking.UnknownUnknownVisit
Mozzafiato is a brand that chooses high-quality products with Italian heritage, authenticity, and impeccable packaging style.10% Per Sale60 DaysVisit
Perfumes club UK is a great selection of the best beauty products, cosmetics, essential oils, makeup, toiletries, and hair products online.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Probelle is a leading personal care brand, offering unique and effective products for nail care and foot care solutions.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
OffCourt is a premium personal care brand for active lifestyles. The deodorant is aluminum-free and prebiotics packed to fight body odor.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Optimal Chemistree manufactures high performing, natural and botanical skin care and hair care products for everyday solutions.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Ameliorate US is designed for people with a skin condition, the unique ingredients also hydrate very dry skin and prevent ingrown hairs.2% - 10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
MasterPeace Body Therapy sells Bar Soap, Body Butter, Body Wash, and more, made with pure plant extracts and natural mineral ingredients.5% Per SaleUnknownVisit
GLO Science is the best teeth whitening device that delivers professional-grade whitening results from home.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Shop Premium Outlets is an online outlet shopping destination that offers a variety of women's, men's, and kid's apparel.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
American Provenance provides high-quality, minimal ingredient, natural products that leave you feeling confident to take on your day.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Sensitiva is a Canadian CBD wellness, skincare, and pet care brand. Experience their premium wellness, skincare, pet care, and vape products.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Humble Brands is a natural product company that delivers safe, clean, and effective products formulated with the best ingredients.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Cestovatelskyobchod is e-shop focused on selling everything you need for trouble-free and comfortable travelling around the world.5% - 10% Per Sale21 DaysVisit
Fifth and Root products are designed to shield your skin. Their products are free of toxic chemicals, parabens, animal by-products, and more.20% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Austria/ Drogerko/ Drogerka deals with the sale of quality Austrian and German products made for consumers in Western Europe.7% Per Sale7 DaysVisit
everdrop is a 100% vegan natural cosmetic product as powders and bars with high-quality organic oils for all skin and hair types.2% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
CleanItSupply.com is a wholesale janitorial & office supply company, providing their customers with top-quality service and products.2% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Hive Brands built the first online marketplace that makes it easy to buy what you believe in, curating brands that craft excellent products.2% - 4% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Puracy creates high-quality, natural and organic, hypoallergenic, safe, and effective cleaning essentials for home, body, baby, and pet.5% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Warehouse115 is a wholesale supplier, open to everyone, with 20,000+ food, janitorial, and party products (and counting).6% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Petal provides stylish and sustainable personal care products (like, soap.) delivered straight to their customers' doors.15% Per SaleUnknownVisit
NewSmile CA offers clear aligners to straighten your teeth for 75% less cost than braces with dentist-directed treatment.6% Per Sale45 DaysVisit
AuraGlow offers the best teeth whitening kits and oral care products to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
OraCoat is the world leader in the breakthrough technology of Oral Adhering Discs which slowly release ingredients in the mouth.25% Per Sale90 DaysVisit
Primal Life Organics has created a line of skincare products that nourish your skin and body from the outside in.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Killing Them Softly makes natural sanitizing products that are powerful enough to protect and gentle enough to soothe.7% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Gillette is an American brand of safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies.8% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
TENA is a worldwide leader in incontinence products, offering quality of everyday life for anyone dealing with the Unexpected Leak.$1.37 - $1.58 Per Order45 DaysVisit
Freedom is a desktop and mobile app that can help you spend less time on social media. It allows you to create customized “blocklists".10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Sanitizer Corporation is a new US-based hand-sanitizer subscription service with high-quality, multi-use sanitizer sprays.3% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Purophy seeks to help people and communities stay safe while taking a Preventative approach to germ and virus outbreaks.25% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Colgate offers toothpastes, toothbrushes, and oral care products that have been caring for smiles generation after generation of dental care.3% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Truthbrush is a multi-award-winning sustainable, vegan, fully recyclable packaging and carbon offset shipping.Unknown30 DaysVisit
Hot Springs Natural offers all-natural health and beauty products made in small batches using the best ingredients nature has to offer.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
greenUP Box is a subscription box that supports people in reducing their plastic waste, curated with 5-9 artfully crafted, eco-friendly, reusable products.5% - 10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets is a completely zero-waste laundry detergent alternative to the traditional liquid and powder detergents.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Dr. Squatch provides organic and natural handmade soap to men who want to feel like a man, and smell like a champion.8% Per Sale15 DaysVisit
AQUIS is pioneering a revolutionary science-based approach to haircare, to restore your hair’s natural strength, vitality, and beauty.10% Per Sale30 DaysVisit
Sweet Bath Co offers homemade themed bath bombs made from the finest ingredients for both mom and kids that do not hurt your skin.7% Per SaleUnknownVisit
Bravo Sierra is the only men's care company built with and for the U.S. Military to meet the needs of all those who lead active lives.6% Per SaleUnknownVisit